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Individually wrapped 70% Alcohol Hand Wipes For Multi-Purpose Cleaning --------Size : 5.51" X 6.69" Each Wipe

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About Bold Wipes®️


Our Bold Wipes®️ are designed to make consumers’ lives easier and safer.

Conventional sanitizers or wipes are stored in “re-sealable” containers. This causes the alcohol or disinfectant content evaporate in time. With external factors, they start drying up and lose their disinfecting effectiveness.


On the other hand our wipes’ disinfectant solution stays 100% intact inside our three layered, single use sealed packaging and keeps the wipes moist for up to 18 months.

We priced our wipes very competitively. Even though our material and labor cost is approximately three times higher than conventional bulky wipes, such as Lysol or Clorox, we priced our wipes competitively so that consumers have an access to safe and high quality hygiene products in the US and Canada markets.


Our product features:

  • Individual sealed packaging provides compact and effective cleaning without all the bulkiness in purses, bags and pockets. And of course Bold Wipes®️ can be used for everyday purposes as well.

  • Bold Wipes®️ have the right amount of solution to clean thoroughly and effectively with soft and durable towelette.

  • TSA compliant:  Individually-packaged alcohol wipes are permitted in carry-on or checked luggage.

  • CDC compliant: Our wipes’ alcohol content is 70% (higher than CDC’s minimum 60% alcohol recommendation).

  • Gentle, paraben free formula.

  • Each XL Wipe expands to 5.51 " x 6,69”.


Use our premium quality 70% Alcohol containing cleaning wipes to better protect the hygiene of yourself and your family.

Skin-friendly:Made non-woven fabric, which does not irritate the skin and quickly volatilizes without residue.

All-Purpose Wipe: These all-purpose cleaning wipes remove common messes on surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, on-food-contact surfaces in the home, office, classroom, pet area, dorm and locker room and more.

Storage: Our packaging is designed as an individual pocket-size, easy to carry out. Our individual pack design cleaning wipes is better to prevent evaporation of internal moisture, cover after extraction to retain moisture. It is convenient to carry with you when traveling and going out.

Size : Large size 5.51" X 6.69" each wipe

Active Ingredients: Bold Wipes®️ include a solution that consist of Ethyl Alcohol (70%), Glycerine (2%), Perfume (1,5%) and Deionized water (26,5%).

Non-woven towel has a mixture of Polyester (80%) and Viscose (20%).

As the safety of our consumers is of utmost importance, our products are paraben-free.

For quick and efficient cleaning...