What are Bold Wipes® ?

Bold Wipes®  provide a quick and effective surface cleaning performance against dirt and messes when soap, water or other cleaning agents are not within reach.

Bold Wipes® include a solution that consist of Ethyl Alcohol (70%), Glycerine (2%), Perfume (1,5%) and Deionized water (26,5%).

Non-woven towel has a mixture of Polyester (80%) and Viscose (20%). 

As the safety of our consumers is of utmost importance, our products are paraben-free.

Where can I buy Bold Wipes® ?

Our products will be soon available nationally in most grocery, drug and mass retail chains. Our initial market launch platforms are Amazon, Ebay and our website We are also serving directly to our B2B customers through our website.

Please do not hesitate to reach our sales support directly  (949)561-2971  for all your inquiries.

What is the shelf life of Bold Wipes® ?

The shelf life of our products is 14 months from the date of manufacture. The expiration dates for our products can be found on the side of the packaging and on the back of boxes.

If my Bold Wipes®  product is dried-out, can I add water or other ingredients  for re-use?
Our formula has been precisely tested to create the gentle and effective clean you like. Adding water or other ingredients to a dried-out wipe would dilute our formula and you would not get the same product performance. Luckily, our products come with three layer, sealed packaging to prevent wipes from drying out.